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If you’re looking for stag do ideas then look no further. Whether you’re the best man looking for some fun ways to stitch up your best mate on his last night of freedom, or you’re the groom looking for ways to survive the marathon session to end all sessions, you’ve come to the right place.

Here you will find the best stag do destinations for the UK and the most popular spots in Europe. Whether it’s just for the night or the whole weekend, you’ll discover the best activities to suit any budget, where to find accommodation, the top pubs and clubs to visit and the most embarrassing stag night games and pranks to play on your best mate.

We’ve also got some great ideas for costumes, t-shirts and other essential accessories and paraphernalia that no stag do would be complete without. So what are you waiting for? Your mate’s send off is about to begin.

Popular Stag Weekend Destinations

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