Abroad Stag Weekends

Ideas for Stag Weekends Abroad

Your best friend is getting married and has charged you, as best man, with preparing his stag weekend. Sure, there are lots of spots around Britain to choose from when planning a stag outing that will make the party one to remember. On the other hand, taking the weekend abroad could cause it to attain legendary status.

Why go abroad

Travelling overseas for a stag weekend may seem like an expensive venture, but if a cheap flight can be found it’s possible to save money on the main expense of the party, booze. Alcohol prices can be much cheaper abroad than at home in Britain. Also, public transportation can be less in other countries than in the UK. Since the groom is unlikely to make a habit of getting married, taking a stag party overseas can provide memories that are different than those that can be achieved in Britain.

What to consider

Taking the stag weekend abroad is certainly a good idea, but there are several things that should be considered before making that final decision.

Budget – It’s a good idea to make contact with each of the stags before planning the party to see how much each can budget for the entire trip. In some cities, the price of alcohol will significantly increase the closer the party moves to the heart of the location.

Activities – Decide if there are going to be daytime activities in addition to the nighttime ones. If so, these likely will need to be priced ahead of time. These activities, such as paintballing or go karting, can be great if the group includes some members who do not know each other well. If there is a special activity everybody enjoys, seek out a country that has a unique setting for it. Look for cities that have unique opportunities, such as firing an AK-47. Many cities will also have services that cater specifically to getting rid of the inevitable hangover.

Transportation – Since the group will be flying into a city the members are not familiar with, make sure to pick a location which has an ample and well-run public transportation system. A rough estimate of this should also be considered into the budget when initially planning.

Stag-friendly clubs – Places like Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Ibiza and Marbella all have nightclubs, pubs and attractions that welcome stag parties. Research the entry requirements for gentleman’s clubs, including dress code. Amsterdam, for example, has the reputation of having a night life where just about anything goes.

It is estimated that a majority of British stag parties are now being held abroad rather than inside the UK. Less expensive alcohol and cheaper flights have drawn many stags overseas. These foreign locales often also have activities and a nightlife that surpasses those found in many British cities. Taking the stag abroad for his event can mean the difference between a great party and a legendary one.