Marbella Stag Weekends

Imagine taking your stag mates to a British-like city with sun and sand, an incredible nightlife and plenty of fun-filled activities to occupy the daytime hours. That’s what you’ll find when booking a stag party in Marbella.

Daytime Activities

Whether you take to the beach or indulge in motor sports like go karts and quads, Marbella has it all. Here’s a list of activities that can’t be missed:

Aqua parks

If the party is held in the summer months, there is no better way to spend the day than at one of the water parks located in the Costa del Sol area. They are open late May and into September.

Deep sea fishing – Hook a big one after renting a deep sea fishing boat. Many will allow alcohol to be taken along on the trip, though the captain probably will not tolerate drunken behavior. Big game fish that can be caught include sharks, marlin, tuna and swordfish. Bottom fishing will net red snapper, sea bass, squid and sea bream. Boats are rented in blocks of time.

Dune buggy adventure – Take in the beautiful Marbella countryside from the seat of a dune buggy. Travel through rivers, over mountain passes, through national parks and into the woods.

Charter a catamaran – If you’d like to take to the high seas without fishing, relax on one of these ships while drinking, getting some sun and spending quality time with friends.

Golf – There are more than 40 golf courses along the coast. Some are for serious players only, while a stag group can hit the links and have fun at a par 3 course.

Hangover cure – Visit one of the many spas to help recover from a hard night’s festivities. Feel refreshed after spending part of the day in a Jacuzzi, under some indoor waterfalls and taking a dip in a heated pool.


There’s plenty of clubs to be found in Marbella, some even on the beach, but it might also be worth it to take a quick taxi ride to Puerto Banus. Its nightclubs have grown a reputation for catering to stag parties. Of course, there are also numerous establishments offering lap dance opportunities.

Eating and Drinking

From barbecues to three-course meals, the restaurants of Marbella and the surrounding area have something for just about every taste. There are numerous pubs to hop, as well as upscale nightclubs.

Getting Around

Marbella has been nearly perfectly arranged for a stag weekend, with everything centrally located. A short cab ride will also take stag mates to the party town of Puerto Banus.

If ever there was a city designed to a stag weekend, it would have to be Marbella. Beaches, clubs, women and loads of daytime activities make any party there one that will be talked about for years to come.