UK Stag Weekends

Ideas for UK Stag Weekends

It’s a big responsibility to be the best man and in charge of planning the groom’s stag weekend. You want it to be exciting but also a bit unpredictable – in a word, memorable. From extreme sports to a bustling night life, the United Kingdom has a wide range of activities available to satisfy any tastes and to make the party one that will be talked about for years afterward.

A proper stag party will include nearly non-stop activities day and night to keep the good times rolling. Many best men will plan physical activities during the daytime followed by the club life at night.

Daytime Activities


Options here include football, rugby, bowling, volleyball and pool and snooker. There are several locations around the country that provide facilities for each of these sports.


Challenge yourself and your friends on the water, on land or in the air. Go white water rafting, canoeing, surfing, water skiing or sailing. Take in some amazing scenery atop a horse or a mountain bike. Challenge each other through one of the country’s many obstacle course sites. High fliers might try gorge scrambling, climbing or high ropes courses.


Whether speed is the order of the day or power, there’s a motor vehicle that fits the bill. Take to the track for car racing, go off-road or even drive a tank or a piece of construction equipment.

Night time Activities

Bars & Pubs

There are a wide variety of bars and pubs in the UK that cater to the needs of a stag night. Have food and drinks served up by beautiful women at themed restaurants or dance the night away at one of Britain’s best nightclubs. Booze cruises and boogie buses are other options.


Be a high roller at a casino or a dog or horse racing track. Most large UK cities have a casino or two and they tend to stay open later than the nightclubs. Many of the race tracks provide entertainment after the betting is done, and of course drinks are available.


There are, of course, the traditional clubs where lap dances are available, but other options include strip dining, boat cruises with dancers and female mud wrestling.

Other Considerations

Trying to pack as many activities into the stag weekend as possible will certainly make it memorable, but there are other issues to consider.


Determine how much each member of the party, excepting the groom, are willing and able to pay for the weekend. Include package costs as well as ancillary expenses.

Dress Code

Let the group members know what types of activities are being planned so they can pack appropriate clothing. Check with the nightclubs about what sort of apparel is acceptable for admittance.

Planning a memorable stag party isn’t that difficult with all the options available in the UK. Finding the right activities depends on the tastes of the groom and his friends.